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About Us...
Tustin Kumdo Dojang is a non-profit organization, promoting Kendo (Kumdo) in Southern California. Founded on March, 1994. We are a member of Western Kendo Federation (WKF) which is a regional organization of All US Kendo Federation (AUSKF).
우리 도장은...
터스틴검도 도장은 1994년 3월 남가주의 검도보급을 위하여 설립된 비영리단체이며
전미주검도연맹 (AUSKF)의 지역단체인 서부검도연맹 (WKF)에 소속되어 있습니다.
Practice Hours
07:00PM   ~   09:00PM
07:00PM   ~   09:00PM
For more information, please contact us. / 문의하실 사항이 있으면 연락 주십시요.
PilSoo Kim (714-296-2633 ) , Tommy Kim (714-728-6654).
580 W. 6th Street, Boys and Girls Club Tustin CA 92789